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Uplanders, we have come a long way in the past few months. Our geographic footprint now extends from San Francisco to Fresno and New York City. Our community has concurrently grown to new, international heights — while many of our users are based in North America, we have growing global contingents in South America, Europe, and Asia.

In order to support our ever-growing community, we’re now seeking a handful of highly engaged members to help play a more significant role in the smooth operation of our online communities, specifically on Discord, Reddit, and Telegram. …

Uplanders! Black Friday is almost upon us. The biggest weekend of digital sales in the entire world, and of the whole year.

Of course, as a growing economy, Upland has more than a few fun ways to turn this buying-focused holiday into a fun and engaging weekend of events.

First off, starting at the stroke of midnight we will be launching 3 challenges, measuring:

  • UPX earned from property sales
  • UPX spent in marketplace (players buying from players)
  • UPX spent on new minting

Each of these challenges will last for 4 days. Each challenge will have two tiers: One for Executives and Directors and one for Visitors, Uplanders, and Pros. This means there will be a total of 6 challenges running simultaneously. Each challenge will start off with prizes for the top 10 places. The starting rewards for each challenge will be based on distributing 1,000,000 UPX across all 6 challenges. …

UPDATE: Registration is now live.

With the Holiday season upon us, it’s almost time to feast in Upland.
Miles the Llama is preparing a huge Thanksgiving dinner for all Uplanders!
However, Miles will need your help! Feeding thousands of Uplanders isn’t easy. So we’re sending you on a mission to get the most delicious Thanksgiving foods in San Francisco!

This isn’t just any grocery list though, this is the Upland Thanksgiving Hunt! This means it will be a competitive race, involving solving clues to see who can reach the final location first, and win the grand prize. …

We all know that there is some amazing creative and technical talent contributing to the Upland community. Today we would like to highlight some of that talent: a platform that is helping Uplanders navigate property data, send locations, and more! The Daily Uplander is produced by two Upland citizens, MXZTPLK and EmGi, who are part of the Upland Contributor Network.

Here’s how Daily Uplander founder MXZTPLK describes their platform:

DailyUplander and Upland Data help you make faster and smarter property research, by using our search tools. Players can find the lowest prices for a specific Neighborhood, specific Collection, or the entire city. We also provide Tools and Statistic Data and are constantly adding new content. …

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Get ready for a whole new way to have fun, compete, and collaborate in Upland!

With the property development sandbox coming out mid December, we’re also working on some really awesome competitions based on temporary building construction. Property development will be driven by Spark (which is a token). However, the sandbox (which will allow players to play with the property development interface) will use a temporary resource we’re calling “Spud”.

During the sandbox competitions, Spud will be used to build properties. All players of Uplander status and above will receive Spud when it is distributed. …

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Upland’s groundbreaking Property-to-USD beta has been live for over a week now, and we have some good news: There are some big sales!

We’ve had over 50 successful sales of Upland digital properties for USD.
The most exciting fact though, is that one player, Upland Executive ThankMeLater, has sold several properties for $500 each (not UPX, but USD)! $500 is the current maximum a player can list a property for during this stage of the beta test, so there is a chance that the number to go much higher once this restriction is removed. …

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You might remember the first serious villains to cause trouble in Upland, Marv and Lecter from the SF Villain Heist. Well they’re back again, causing a ruckus.

The Villains are battling for power in Upland. Miles the Llama has intervened with a solution. In order to prevent destruction from the villains’ feud, Miles has organized a democratic election that will determine which villain should lead their sneaky crew.

The Villains will (hopefully) never be in charge of Upland, as long as Miles is around and has the community’s support. …

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Today and tomorrow we’ll be auctioning off some very special properties. If you win the auction, you will win a legendary piece of America’s leadership history.

The schedule

  • Monday: 1pm PT Barack Obama’s Home while at Columbia University (142 W 109th St)
  • Monday: 6pm PT Federal Hall NYC (26 Wall St, New York)
  • Tuesday 2pm PT: Trump Tower NYC (721 5th Ave)

To bid in the auction, check out the details at the bottom.

Note: Out of the three auctioned properties, only the Trump Tower is an official NYC Landmark.
Because NYC is in Vanilla mode (and collections are not active), we will not be offering a suggested minimum mint price, and will be starting the non-landmark properties at base minting price, despite their historical significance.
Trump Tower will follow initial pricing based on information collected from the previous landmark auctions. …

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Miles has been trapped.

Who did it?!
How did they do it?!

Miles’ success in pioneering the expansion of Upland has sown the seeds of jealousy in the hearts of a few digital entities. As we learned in the SF Heist several months ago, there are villains and evol doers lurking in Upland, waiting for their opportunity…

It would appear that Miles’ attacker utilized the cover of Halloween to plan his capture. He’s trapped somewhere in the haunted house, but luckily the Upland team was able rally the community in an effort to reveal Miles’ whereabouts.

While Miles is missing, it’s up to the clever community of Upland to solve the mystery of who attacked Miles. …

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No matter your opinions on US politics, there is no doubt that the upcoming election is a big one! In Upland, we’re creating our own political systems. Some aspects coordinated by the team, and some emerging organically as the community self organizes and evolves. Take a break from real world political bickering and enjoy a few special president-themed events in Upland!

Manhattan: The Final Opening

We’re finally going big in NYC! You’ve had a taste, but get ready for the whole kitchen.

Monday, November 2nd at 10am PT, we are unlocking the rest of Manhattan!

In total, Manhattan will have over 41,000 properties, of which over 4.700 are currently minted. The final Manhattan opening will include Landmarks like Trump Tower and legendary buildings like Federal Hall. Manhattan will contain 55 neighborhoods. …



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