Here Comes Spark!

On Friday, June 11th, the Global Spark Drop will begin! All players who are eligible will receive an in-app popup for the collection of Spark. Once collected, Spark tokens will be available on each player’s profile page. Players will have 1 week to claim their Spark before it is reclaimed for use in future events and activities.

The Spark token enables players to begin developing buildings on their properties. These buildings will eventually be utilized for homes, business, and more! …

The Guggenheim in Manhattan

The Guggenheim Landmark Auction

We’re closing out Genesis Week on a high note with the Guggenheim Museum Landmark Auction! Originally established in 1939, the Guggenheim has since become one of the world’s most prominent art galleries in the world. The current building, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1959, is a gorgeous work of art in itself, and its iconic design distinguishes itself against the NYC cityscape.

Committed to innovation, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation collects, preserves, and interprets modern and contemporary art, and explores ideas across cultures through dynamic curatorial and educational initiatives and collaborations. …

2021 has made its mark with the explosive growth that Upland experienced over the year. While the influx of new players is good news for the metaverse and the underlying economy, this introduces a wealth of new technical and logistical challenges. The Upland team has put tremendous effort into upgrading the metaverse’s technical infrastructure in order to support current and future levels of activity; especially as it relates to mass-minting events such as city launches.

So far, these efforts have been paying off, and the recent launch of Chicago saw new records of >11 Property NFTs minted per second and…

The newest release of the Upland app — Bellini 1 — is now available! Bellini 1 comes with a host of new features including:

  • The Spark Token (USPK)
  • The Structure NFT (UNFT)
  • Enhanced Graphics Mode
  • Expanded Coloring Options
  • Collaborative Construction
  • Structure NFTs in Asset Wallet
  • Google Auth Support

Rebuilding the World

Property Development is a new feature in Upland that will allow players to build different types of structures on their properties. Ultimately, these structures will be utilized for player homes, businesses, and so much more! …

It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No! It’s the, “A Hero is Drawn” Comic Book Tour…

It’s time to put your capes on, cause this Thursday, June 17th, at 6:30 PM, we will be hosting a Manhattan Comic Book tour alongside our friends over at Upland Nights! The tour will feature a series of comic book-related locations with a unique variety of fun facts and descriptions about each one. If you’re a comic book fan you definitely won’t want to miss out on this tour! Each player that completes the tour will receive the Comic Book Block Explorer! …

We’re Going Green For Genesis Week: Upland Partners With EOS Authority And ClimateCare To Offset the Entire EOS Carbon Footprint For One Year

Upland’s mantra is “Rebuild the World” and we are building a platform where people like you will not only play by trading and developing virtual properties but also socialize and earn real money. In other words, a truly digital economy that is “rebuilding the world” with sustainability top of mind.

Upland is using the EOS Mainnet for its blockchain transactions which is based on the EOS.IO software, the underlying technology being developed by EOS is established…

We’re very excited to announce that we will be adding some new mechanics to the Upland store that will enable us to perform multiple varieties of Limited Sales! Previously, due to the huge demand for desirable items stemming from Upland’s growth, most players competing to grab an item were left with a poor user experience as the item sold out immediately. From now on, players will be able to pre-register for Limited Sales and will be notified once it is their turn in the queue.

Terraformer and Genesis Shades Block Explorer Bundles

With the new store features in place…

What is the Genesis ‘Mega’ Hunt?

On Thursday, June 10th, at 1:00 PM PT, we will be hosting a high-stakes scavenger hunt in which the winner will take home a Brooklyn Police Station Ultra-Rare collection property! The hunt will take place in Manhattan and will only have a single tier.

Event Details


To register, head over to the “treasures” tab in the UI, and select the “Genesis Mega Hunt” in the menu. Remember, you’ll need to select Manhattan via the icon in the bottom left to register

Genesis Hunt Rewards

As mentioned previously, the 1st place finisher in…

Don’t miss out on your chance to Spark-le!

With the global rollout of Spark and Property Development on the horizon, we want to spread the love by sharing Spark rewards with our incredible community. Over the following week, there will be tons of ways to earn Spark, but the most important is the Genesis Week Bonanza Giveaway!

During the week, players will have many chances to win a variety of prizes including UPX, Spark, Ultra-Rare properties, and more! At the conclusion of Genesis Week, we will be giving away 15 Spark among five lucky players for the Bonanza drawing!


Genesis Week 2021 is Coming!

Genesis Week is finally almost here! Starting June 7th, at 9:00 AM PT we’ll kick off an entire week of events where players can complete various activities for UPX, Spark, Ultra-Rare properties, and more!

On June 6th, 2019, the first property ever was minted in Upland at 1829 Jefferson St in San Francisco. Thus, the Upland Metaverse was born, and the team’s vision became reality. In that time, the metaverse has expanded rapidly, and each year we will reflect on this time to celebrate the growth and progress of Upland. As such, we’re going all…


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