Announcing The UCN — Moderators Program

Uplanders, we have come a long way in the past few months. Our geographic footprint now extends from San Francisco to Fresno and New York City. Our community has concurrently grown to new, international heights — while many of our users are based in North America, we have growing global contingents in South America, Europe, and Asia.

In order to support our ever-growing community, we’re now seeking a handful of highly engaged members to help play a more significant role in the smooth operation of our online communities, specifically on Discord, Reddit, and Telegram. Sometimes, like in real life, it takes more than a few sets of hands to help a community become as successful as it can possibly be.

Luckily for us, our community of Uplanders is filled with exactly the type of people we’re looking for: community heroes who go above and beyond to help new players, answer user questions, and help contribute to an overall positive vibe.

We want to promote and reward this type of participation in our community, which is why today we are glad to announce the Moderators program, the newest extension of the Upland Contributor Network (UCN). Moderators will be a hand-selected group of community members. Acceptance will involve an application and vetting process to ensure certain requirements are met.

Entry into the program will be based on quotas that are dependent on the community’s needs. As the community grows, and as we attract more users who speak different languages, these quotas will change as needed.

Here’s what we expect of moderators:

  • Uplander status and active player for a minimum of three months.
  • To already have been active in the Upland community for at least two months.
  • Examples (via screenshots) of proactive help/answers and the helping of players with issues like onboarding and general questions.
  • Contribute to the community conversation in a positive, constructive way.
  • Help quickly remove spammers from the community. (Please note: moderators will only have the ability to temporarily kick players, not to ban them. If a player has been kicked by a moderator, they must report this to an Upland team member along with a short justification for their action.)
  • Be able to ensure availability as a moderator during specific time commitments.
  • Be able to communicate with the Upland team in English

Here’s how the program will work in detail:

First and foremost: we are looking for empathetic, friendly, and community-minded individuals. Interested Uplanders need to complete an approval process which will include an online application.

  • Approved Moderators will need to disclose their real-world identity to the Upland team starting with a LinkedIn profile and possibly other proof of identity.
  • Moderators will receive a quarterly report by email that will include possible earned rewards according to the table below.
  • Moderators will be added to a special role in Discord called “Upland Community Moderators”.
  • In addition to the basic read/write privileges afforded to everyone in our Discord, Moderators will additionally have the ability to kick players. Moderators will not have administrative privileges.
  • Moderators will guarantee that their ability to kick players will not be abused: it is only to be used in scenarios of outside spammers entering the server, or if a player in the server has acted in an egregiously abusive/harassing way towards others (i.e. racism/sexism) and a team member is not around to intervene.
  • Moderators will receive an acknowledgement in their Upland profile and other places (e.g. possible “moderator spotlights” posts in our blog).
  • Moderators will be invited to join the invite-only Discord channel “UCN”, can participate in the monthly online meetups and requested feedback by the Upland team regarding upcoming blog posts or features in the game.
  • Moderators will not have early access or information about new features and events in Upland which would give them an advantage in the metaverse.
  • In some cases and after a certain time, non-English moderators activity might be extended to run a foreign speaking Twitter or other local social network account for Upland.
  • Both the Moderator and Upland can terminate the moderator agreement at any time.
  • Moderators who have missed several agreed-upon moderation periods will be removed from the program.
  • Moderators who abuse their ability to kick players will be removed from the program and further disciplinary action may be taken by Upland team members.
  • Every moderator begins at Level 1.
  • Levels will only be changed at the conclusion of a quarter.
  • Leveling decisions will be the sole discretion of the Upland team, and will be dependent on a number of holistic factors including: level of activity, relationship with the community, channel growth, in some international cases Twitter follower or other social media platform growth, attitude, and responsiveness.
  • Level IV and beyond can only be reached after 12 months operating as a moderator.
  • Time commitments will be discussed on a case-by-case basis with each Moderator.

To begin, we will be searching for:

  • Three English-speaking moderators.
  • Two German-speaking moderators.
  • Two French-speaking moderators.
  • One Mandarin-speaking moderator.
  • One Spanish-speaking moderator.

How to apply

If you feel like you’re the right Uplander for this new program, follow this link and complete our form. An Upland team member will contact you if your application is successful and begin the interview process.

To life, liberty and property!

Upland Team




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The earth’s metaverse powered by blockchain technology. 🏠🌎

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