Here Comes Brooklyn!

UPDATE: Release is Tuesday and not Monday.

Brooklyn is finally coming!
For days, the whole Upland metaverse has been excitedly awaiting this announcement. The Upland metaverse is growing fast and the release of Brooklyn has been fast tracked in order to allow our economy and user base to continue to thrive. Here are the full details for how the Brooklyn release will unfold over the next few days.

  • Tomorrow morning, property parcels in Brooklyn will become visible on the map (but remain locked).
  • Friday at 8am, the winners of the Brooklyn train parcels (announced later today) will be dropped in Brooklyn and will be able to mint their predetermined train parcel.
  • Friday at 9am the train line from Manhattan to Brooklyn will be open and players will be able to travel to Brooklyn, while the properties remain locked.
  • On Sunday we will reveal the Brooklyn collections within the app.
  • Tuesday at 9am, Brooklyn will be open for minting (although many random properties, as well as high end collections, will remain locked, for various reasons).
  • Tuesday at 9pm we will release another batch of properties to accommodate more time zones.
  • We have permanently increased the daily airport terminal capacity from 105 to 250, in order to support the growing number of travelers. Additionally, we will provide a temporary boost to capacity on Tuesday, to support the Brooklyn opening. However, there will still be a hard limit on the total terminal capacity, so we encourage all players who plan on attending the Brooklyn opening to travel in advance.

*All above times are PT.

Additionally, after the release of Brooklyn, we will be working to release treasure hunts throughout NYC. New players will also get a new option to start their Upland journey in San Francisco, Fresno, Brooklyn, or Manhattan.

Important FSA Improvements

Most Uplanders will agree that the FSA program, launched in September, has been a great success. Many thousands of new players have had a better start in Upland, purchased inexpensive property, and were allowed an easy access foothold in the growing Upland economy.

It was always our intent to modify the FSA program as we learned more from player interactions and economic activity. Our ultimate goal is to create a set of simple policies that ensure new players can succeed and become contributing members of the Upland metaverse. While this has been a necessary part of Upland’s success, FSA buying has also been used in a way that does not align with the economic goals of the program. This is why we are introducing a new policy that limits the flipping of FSA properties. FSA properties minted as of Tuesday will have a restriction allowing the owner to sell or trade only 2 of them per calendar week. After the first sale or trade, the property is no longer associated with the FSA, and can be traded or sold freely.
As always, we will study the impact of these parameters and adjust them as we get more data on what is healthy for the economy.

Get ready, Uplanders, our economy is growing fast and this metaverse is on a rocket ship to the moon (and maybe even Mars)!




The earth’s metaverse powered by blockchain technology. 🏠🌎

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The earth’s metaverse powered by blockchain technology. 🏠🌎

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