Offsetting Carbon Footprint

We’re Going Green For Genesis Week: Upland Partners With EOS Authority And ClimateCare To Offset the Entire EOS Carbon Footprint For One Year

Upland’s mantra is “Rebuild the World” and we are building a platform where people like you will not only play by trading and developing virtual properties but also socialize and earn real money. In other words, a truly digital economy that is “rebuilding the world” with sustainability top of mind.

Upland is using the EOS Mainnet for its blockchain transactions which is based on the EOS.IO software, the underlying technology being developed by EOS is established as a third-generation blockchain, based on the Delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm (DPoS). It is considered more environmentally friendly because of the low power consumption. According to this report, EOS is 66,454 times more energy-efficient than Bitcoin or 17,236 times more than Ethereum.

Upland is now partnering with EOS Authority and ClimateCare to highlight our commitment to blockchain sustainability. To celebrate this partnership during Genesis Week in early June 2021, Upland donated funds to offset a whole year of carbon emissions for the entire EOS Mainnet.

Meet Our Partners

“At EOS Authority we believe the future of blockchain is sustainable and together with our many partners, like Upland, we have made EOS the world’s first major carbon-neutral blockchain,” said Roshan Abraham from EOS Authority.

EOS Authority is a founding block producer of the EOS Mainnet and focused on software & infrastructure based in the UK. It has been working previously with ClimateCare to calculate and offset global EOS server CO2 emissions.

ClimateCare is dedicated to tackling climate change and improving lives. It aims to make our world a climate-neutral one — where everyone takes full responsibility for their carbon footprint. ClimateCare helps organizations take responsibility for their climate impact by financing, developing and managing carbon reduction projects across the world.

Upland’s Motivation

The Upland metaverse sits at the intersection of the real and virtual world. Properties you own in the Upland metaverse are connected to the real world. The fact is that the blockchain Upland is powered by consumes real-world energy and creates a carbon footprint. When we offer to “Rebuild the World’’ one of our core objectives is to be cognizant about the way we do things: this includes acting in a sustainable manner.

We had a very productive discussion with Roshan Abraham of EOS Authority about the topic. He offered us the opportunity to offset the carbon footprint of the entire EOS main net. We didn’t hesitate for long and got started right away with this important project.

When we speak these days to some of our community members but also to future partners like musical artists, athletes and other consumer brands, the topic of sustainability comes up most of the time. Many of them told us that they are carefully selecting which blockchain projects they want to be a part of and energy efficiency is important to them. They appreciate to find out that Upland’s blockchain technology consumes so little energy, and that Upland is deeply committed to sustainability.

How Can You Be Sustainable In Upland During Genesis Week

During Genesis Week, Uplanders will be able to contribute to the sustainability effort and can receive badges in exchange for a $10 donation that can be proudly displayed on their in-game profiles. Proceeds from these badges will be used to contribute to more future sustainability efforts. We will announce these projects in the next few weeks including the amount of contribution provided by Uplanders. The badge donation sale will be going live today, June 10th, at 10 AM PT in Upland’s app and will be available for one week. The badges will be distributed shortly after the donation sale has ended.

To celebrate this sustainability kick-off together we included some fun stuff into the ongoing events. Look out for climate pinatas that will be rare but carry high rewards.

Thank you for helping us to ‘Rebuild the World’ with sustainability in mind! To keep up with Upland’s future sustainability efforts, be sure to follow us on Twitter here and check out our Sustainability page here.



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