The Ultimate Fan Challenge

Ready to unleash your inner fanatic? Now that NFLPA Legits Swapping is live in Upland, it’s the perfect opportunity to feed your football fandom by working with other Uplanders to build the highest team fan scores in the metaverse.

The Ultimate Fan Challenge starts next Tuesday, November 9th, and will run until Friday, November 12th, at 11:59 PM PT. Keep reading to learn how you can become the ultimate fan…

The Ultimate Fan Challenge

Leverage your Upland network to find other players in the metaverse to trade your NFLPA Legits with. Players will have 4 Days to find trading partners and start collecting Legits for their favorite football teams.

Trade for team-specific Legits to place yourself atop the Team Fan Score Leaderboard. This leaderboard will stay live for the duration of the competition, and it will be updated at fixed intervals until the end of the competition.

Each football team will have its own leaderboard that measures the top 50 Uplanders with the highest Fan Scores. Earn your spot among the top 10 to win the exclusive Legits Wizard Block Explorer! All players who come in the top 10 for their respective team will earn the Legits Wizard.

Reminder: Fan Scores improve your odds of minting one-of-a-kind Mementos for the 2021 season. So even if you don’t manage to crack the top 10, you’re putting yourself in a great position when 2021 Primary Markets arrive later this year!

How it Works

Some of you may already have Legits, some may have got their hands on some in the most recent sale, and some may have none at all; and that’s fine! You’ll need to work with the community to find Uplanders who are looking to collect Legits for specific teams and players. We highly recommend checking out the #nflpa-legits channel to find players to trade with. Remember, swapping means you can trade for any NFT in Upland (excluding properties), so there’s no reason to limit yourself to only trading Legits.

Keep track of the Fan Score Leaderboard (linked below) to ensure your place among the top 10. We also recommend players make use of our Fan Score Calculator to better understand what their current fan score is, and how they should optimize their strategy to win. Click the link below to create a copy of our Calculator to measure the value of your current assets and to figure out what you need to climb the Leaderboard.

Click Here to view the Fan Score Leaderboard

Click Here for the Fan Score Calculator

Now, let’s see who the Ultimate Fan is!



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